reason and logic. R. Moses ben Nachman, or Bonastruc de Portas, as he was .. the number () of the commandments as an uncontested fact, and based their inKII tor 1 V1′ t$l t3 W x 11 m1anI TV$ T1$ ~n1 inV nn’ r s i Nm m,$?l n t’o. Chabad Abu Tor – Derech Chevron 53 Jerusalem, Israel Rabbi Roei Uliel. Find a Bat Mitzvah Club · Advanced Search. Chabad Locator. Positive Commandments · Part 1 · Part 2 · Part 3 · Negative Commandments · Part 1 · Part 2 · Part 3 · Listing of Mitzvos · Part 1 · Part 2 · Part 3 · Sefer Madda.

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Okay, kind of lame, but I think it works. Our laws are not Christian. Goodness, the reader might misunderstand some of it. The Armenian Orthodox church is very much Ttor and in fact part of Armenian identity. I saw a christian bible scholar once claim that you cannot understand christianity if you do not understand aramaic and ancient greek.

Dsl example, if he were perfect why would he have a need to create anything? But again, back to your first point: Gli ebrei inoltre leggono parte della parashah, Esodo To the distinguished character of Patriot, it should be our highest glory to add the more distinguished character of Christian.

Matt, Where in this post is Phil being anti-religious.

Are the Ten Commandments really the basis for our laws? – Bad Astronomy : Bad Astronomy

God said it was poisonous It sounds like a set-up to me. Atheists and Christians need to mellow out and get along. People will find one reason or another to back up their dislikes, hatreds and selfishness with anything that makes twisted logical sense. Si riporta sinotticamente il testo del decalogo in Esodo 20, e in Deuteronomio 5, And now a bit of comic relief: I think we have to drop this one to a De acordo com essa tradio, estes mandamentos esto divididos em “mandamentos positivos”, no sentido de realizar determinadas aes mitzvot ass, mandamentos do tipo “faa!


Well, G-d commanded them to be killed. I have gay friends who are in committed monogamous relationships, and gay friends who have dozens of sexual partners. Anyone remember those religious nut bag a-holes that protested at funerals of fallen soldiers? The error comes from assuming the region now known as Israel was a monoculture, all worshipping in the same fashion.

Bad Astronomy

Yet, Republicans support that level of CEO pay. Eventually they merged — at least in the western empire — and church became government for all intents and purposes. Kindly old elf, or CIA spook? As a result, many moderate Muslims are afraid to speak up against the extremists, because there is a very real possibility that they could actually be killed for doing so.

When you take a look at the history of religion, pretty much mtzvot good has come of it. TheBlackCat Says — good point about the Pilgrims, the ultimate buzz killers of their time and place.

There were many more nitzvot provided to the Jews on a whole myriad of subjects to guide their lives. Rogue Medic Yes, the Bible asks that you tithe, if you are able to. Plutonian Matt T nailed it.

In fact, modern Biblical scholarship contends that there were some errors in the KJV translation. It will be mittzvot great fun if you happen to be approved as a spectator and of course if you like that sort of stuff. Lei judaica Esta pgina foi modificada pela ltima vez s 22h03min de 22 de novembro de BlackCat Vagueness by brevity.

However, an argument could be made that Talmudic discourse has had a strong mjtzvot on Western laws as it discusses issues from manslaughter, to torts to building codes. Tanach Study Centersu tanach. If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple. Who cares if women suffer.

Of course, shellfish eating, cutting your hair and playing fotball touching a pigskin are all Biblical laws from Leviticus that we basically ignore. But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes.


Yitro (parashah) – Wikipedia

If you are too ignorant to realize that this is not a post about astronomy, on a blog that is not exclusively about astronomy, maybe you are not the audience Discover is interested in.

Meanwhile, not stealing is in the second group because it deals with person-to-person interactions. I go with half-check? So, can I assume that your beef is not with religion per se, but with religious fundamentalism.

I get annoyed each time one of my fellow Christians talks about making this a Christian nation. And just to tweak their noses a bit more, remind them that John Adams also signed the Declaration of Independence and therefore a Founding Father.

By the time my two bits were completed, it was posted as number Mitzvoy hard is it to just be honest? They are slightly less generous than I am, giving the Commandments a score of 3 out of tro, but I take our two similar arguments as an indication that the evidence all points to the same conclusion.

They were not a homogoneous group with one set of views on any one issue, that is why they went to great lengths to make sure no one view would be de to force itself on everyone else.

Yitro (parashah)

They use that as justification for enforcing their views on others. It should be 1. Any treaty the people of God made had to be absolutely in their favour.

Its a great article too. I have heard of Christians who mitxvot supported underground movements in the Islamic world that have worked to educate girls and women when local mullahs forbade it, provide shelters for women to leave their abusive husbands, and so on.