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A series of pulses, amplitude modulated with the optical information, appear at the output.

Because base current is zero the transistor will be in OFF state. Leads are solder 74la04pc to the seating plane Ten leads 74ls04p 15 mil kovar header Package weight is 1. A “daisy-chained” priority system determines which interrupt will be serviced if two or more requests are made simultaneously. The linear image sensors are packaged in hermetically sealed ceramic packages with a high quality optical glass window.

A switch to enable the Fairbug operating system is also provided. Digit 2 B Cath.

【74LS05A HJ】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 2018【Price】【Datasheet PDF】USA

As a secondary function, the pixel locator also provides an 8-bit output word to indicate the number of video signal transitions detected in a proceeding camera line-scan readout. CTR typ at 1. Digit 2 6 10 Hrs. To be announced 4. Package is plastic with tin-plated copper pins and wings Package weight is 0. Cathodes Digit 3 Com.

They are purposly shipped with positive misalignment to facilitate insertion. Pins are soldered in Package weight is Package material is transfer molded thermosetting plastic Package weight is 0. The FNX, and are 9-segment and can be used as 7-segment. All dimensions in inches bold and millimeters parentheses. Three different types of timers and control ports exist. Pins are Au-plated kovar Cap is kovar Base is ceramic Cavity size.


K 4S S 39 17 D 4L. The threshold adjustment can be varied across the full dynamic range of the camera. Anode Digit 4 Com. D Digit 2 Com. Cathodes Digit 4 Com. Different package outlines exist within each package style to accommodate varying die sizes and number of leads. In the circuit, When button is not pressed: Pins are intended for insertion in hole rows on.

Package weight is 3.

74LS04 Pinout, Features, Equivalent, Examples & Datasheet

Leads are gold-plated kovar Board-drilling dimensions should equal your practice for. It also contains the adjustment controls for camera exposure time, video data rate, the threshold voltage for the binary-video comparator, dataseet an AGC off-on switch. Cathodes Digit 2 Com. Thermal compound is recommended. TO 24 MA Leads are gold-plated or solder dipped alloy 52 Leads dataeheet and 2 electrically isolated from case Case is third electrical connection Aluminum package with copper slug, pins are soldered in Package weight is 7.

The printed circuit module is approximately 5″ by 7″. The entire microcomputer is contained on a single board epoxy glass with solder mask measuring ap- proximately 7. Leads are gold-plated kovar Lead 4 is connected to case Internal collector lead length is 75 mils Island is 60 mils wide, 80 mils long and 15 mils thick Package weight is 1. Leads are gold-plated kovar Eight leads thru 15 mil kovar header Package weight is 1. Light energy falls on the photosites and generates charge packets proportional to 74l0s4pc light intensity.


Digit 2 D Cath. Leads are gold-plated kovar Leads 4 and 8 omitted No island 8 mil kovar header Package weight is 0. All of the logic necessary to request, 74ps04pc and reset the interrupt is on the F Board-drilling dimensions should equal your practice for.

Leads are tin-plated 42 alloy Hermetically sealed alumina package Lead 1 orientation may be either tab or dot Cavity size is. Digit 1 A Cath. Leads are gold-plated kovar Lead 4 connected to case Collector electrically isolated from case Package weight is 0.

Leads are intended for insertion in hole rows on. Pins are tin-plated 42 alloy Package material is plastic Pins are intended for insertion in hole rows on TO Operating junction temperature range: Also see Hybrid Section 3. Min Max Max Max No. These optional modules may be at- tached to the Formulator via the 13 card slots in the motherboard.