Our Coaches Adam Linkenauger. The Most Popular and Proven Vertical Jump Trainer in the world. 9x ACC Champion and Coach, Olympic Qualifying Athlete. Adam Linkenauger is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Adam Linkenauger and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share. Adam Linkenauger. K likes. Owner of and I Love Basketball:

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I appreciate you having me here.

We go to that keyword inside the search bar at the top of YouTube. You got to stay consistent. Our subscribers, which again are on our mailing list are coming back. Adam Linkenauger Well, thank you so much for having me. What are your thoughts on how often we should post? We have a strategy to get more views on YouTube, and I love your approach of just going in, looking, and seeing what people are typing in. What we do is we always do a call to action at the beginning of each video to subscribe.

It is community where basketball players and athletes come to get better. Once you start geeking out and you know all the terms within your field, and you could talk to the experts about it, how do you dumb it down and figure out what everyone else is using and looking for to get more views on YouTube?

Adam Linkenauger Number two would be what I call The family Feud method of just putting your mind in that of the viewer or your target market. YouTube itself is the second largest most used search engine, which makes it very competitive. Adam Linkenauger A lot of times, when we upload to YouTube, we think what we would title our videos or what we would keyword our videos. If I just type in basketball training, YouTube gives these autocomplete functions. Start searching for the terms that show up.


Focus on what your target audience types in a YouTube search when they find solutions. What the algorithm concentrates on to give beginners a chance to rank:.

Adam Linkenauger An excellent way to get more views on YouTube is to have people to ask. Adam Linkenauger The next step to get more views on YouTube is once I have those four — ten different terms in different pain points how my target market would type in, I go the YouTube search bar, start typing those terms in.

Get More Views On YouTube – Adam Linkenauger

I wanted to ask you to jump on this next piece. I ended up going to college for track and field over basketball though I was recruited for both.

Be sure to use a call to action for people. I mean, my goal was taken from me with that final crushing blow. But if you can get them off of YouTube and over to your website to give you the email, that is the magic.

Guys out there, Thriving Launchers. Are you ready to launch?

About Us — Freak Training

Luis Congdon Those are words most people are going to be using online to describe things. Remember, Training Tuesdays are the days that we give you the jam-packed ljnkenauger, and we dive in deep with people like Adam. This is what I am living for! I remember thinking to myself. This is true across the board when it comes to people creating content for social media.

Create content that your audience is searching for. Coach Adam Linkenauger’s Linkdnauger Have the passion for it. When and if you use annotations, they do not work on mobile. But then, you put in annotation there and show them exactly where they need to click. What I mean by that is we verbally tell them exactly what to do, and we visually point lknkenauger the screen at the button. We have a subscription opportunity as soon as you opt-in for those fast action ada.


Is there anything else you would say you need to do or a hidden gem you want to share with the audience to get more views on YouTube?

Do you use a keyword tool for any of these? You can send people to different videos. Where I have literally helped thousands and thousands of athletes become FREAKS, jumping higher, accomplishing goals, and dreams… and proving their haters wrong! I hoped to have better luck in track and field. Those are words most people are going to be using online to lknkenauger things. More About Our Coaches Again, we take our call to action very seriously.

I was smaller, weaker, and slower… than everyone else. In fact, I remember one day when I was talking with a friend of mine.

These are individuals who espouse posting linkkenauger day for a year or two to build up their ranking. Three keys to remember with YouTube:. After he took me from barely skimming rim to dunking with two hands I was finally ready to reach all of my goals at the Pro Level.

What the algorithm concentrates on are two main things. I only repurpose away from YouTube. Number two would be what I call The family Feud method of just putting your mind in that of the viewer or your target market.