9 results for Books: “ALEXANDRU TICLEA” TRATAT DE DREPTUL MUNCII LEGISLATIE DOCTRINA JURISPRUDENTA EDITIA A X-A ACTUALIZATA. Alexandru Ticlea Tratat De Dreptul Muncii Pdf 19 DOWNLOAD 4bbbd Cartea Tratat de dreptul muncii – Editia a IV-a in varianta pdf si ePUB. 2. 1 Published in Official Gazette no. / 2 Sanda Ghimpu, Alexandru Ticlea, “Dreptul muncii, curs universitar”, Ed. AII Beck, Bucuresti, , pag. 5.

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| Academia Oamenilor de Știință din România

Changing them would not be possible except by alexandfu of the parties, pursuant to art. Changing individual employment contract by agreement requires negotiation similar to that achieved its conclusion.

Treaties, courses, monographs 1. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Membru asociat Profesor universitar doctor inginer agronom, rector Universitatea Bioterra.

Membru onorific Profesor universitar doctor. Start display at page:. Associate Member Professor, engineer, Ph.

Its application implies that, wherever possible, the parties agree to maintain, throughout the execution of the contract, the terms initially set. Membru asociat Profesor universitar dr.


Membru asociat Profesor univ. Associate Member Colonel rAssoc.

codul muncii comendat ticlea

This impossibility is explained by the Labour Code which provides in art. Associate Member Professor, Ph. Membru asociat Profesor universitar doctor, specialitate: Associate Member Military, historian, journalist, Bucharest. Consequently, the salary is automatically increased in close correlation with the cost of living. Introductory issues A General legal issues concerning individual employment contract modification Adapting a gainful economic or technological developments may require modification of the individual employment contract under which the activity is performed, taking into account the intrinsic dynamism of employment.

Senior researcher, chemical engineer, Ph. Performance objective Criteria value In connection with the establishment of individual performance objectives, the legal doctrine formulated the following opinions: Cum se elaboreaza un proiect european. Membru asociat Profesor universitar doctor, Cluj-Napoca.

Amendments of the individual employment contract legally because the munfii performance targets are not achieved by the employee Art.

From all labor legislation shows that the employee may not modify, under any ticela unilaterally individual employment contract in muncio of its essential elements. If the parties jointly establish individual labor contract content, all in agreement, may agree to amend it ticoea any time, according to art. The legal texts mentioned that in general register of employees includes information concerning the individual labor contract modification made, but only through the legal institution of posting.


Honorific Member Professor, M. B Individual employment contract modification procedure in the case of failure by individual employee performance objectives During the execution of the individual employment contract, amendment of any of its clauses is done usually by agreement, ending an addendum ad validitatem written requirement imposed by changes to art. Individual employment contract is governed, in terms of its effects, and the provisions of principle of art of the Civil Code That valid contract has the force of law between the contracting parties”.

Cuprins Concedierea. Teorie Si Jurisprudenta

Membru asociat Dr. He is considered to be the best expert of the geology of the Apuseni Mountains. Associate Member Professor Ph. Associate Member Associate professor, Ph. Membru onorific Ambasador, prof. Kantian philosophy and axiology seminars at the University of Bucharest.