In David Wellington’s supernatural novel “Frostbite,” hiker Cheyenne Clark is lost . Balas de Plata tiene todo que un libro necesita para convertirse en un éxito. Overwinter has ratings and 92 reviews. Sammy said: Howling Stars for OverwinterWow. What an amazing action packed ending to the werewolf series. This is a cross-genre novel by upcoming urban fantasy and horror author, David Wellington. There’s one sound a woman doesn’t want to hear when she’s lost.

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The main character, Cheyenne Clark, is one of the most interesting characters in Wellington’s novels, but the unfortunately, the novel doesn’t have much of a in depth plot. She’s accepted being a werewolf and loves the power.

David Wellington Frostbite Plex – zips-gal

The hunter was an interesting fellow but I didn’t feel like I got enough of his background and his intense need for revenge with Lucie I know the facts, but I wanted more emotion out of him. There was closure at the end of the novel yet I see that this is the beginning of a series for the author.

It’s not about the rampaging beast, but about the curse. Chey — I still liked her in this book.

Cursed (Cheyenne Clark, #1) by David Wellington (4 star ratings)

As always, the writing was superb. Now Cheyenne is infected with the curse. It is not really a flaw because this book was very good; However, it made me very sad. The larger wolf’s bloodlust forces Chey to climb higher in order to avoid its attempts to savage her, but not before one its claws slices her ankle.

A very quick-paced novel with plenty of action that the reader will read in no time at all.

He also holds a masters degree in Library Science from Pratt Institute. I’m an unabashed Wellington fan, and although I knew I would love this book, delayed some years listening to it. But then she is caught in a torrent of water coming down from the melting ice caps and is swept down a river.

The main one was the fact that Wellington left the details of his world fairly blank: I also liked that the story didn’t really have a happy ending and that you can’t help but sympathise with the one that ga When I started reading this book I honestly found it very hard to keep interest as it was a little slow for my taste, but as I read on it became more and more interesting to the point where I couldn’t put the book down.


Chey does not realize that Powell is the creature at first, Powell attempts to kill her before her first change to prevent the spread of his curse. Occasionally he would lick her face, her ears, to wake her up, to keep her from fading out of existence altogether.

Torentilo is the best torrent search solution for all kind of fresh downloads. Who lost her father in a horrible death by a lycanthrope Werewolf – Shape shifter. Ostensibly-because this is no ordinary tourist, no citified lady visiting what is nearly the last remaining primeval wilderness.

Any author who can write this well, with this powerful impact, who can turn his characters inside out, plot like a demon-deserves the widest possible readership. I licantropi vi fanno sognare, bravi, leggetelo. The setting in this book was simply beautiful. That scene alone cemented my eternal love for her, crazy and all.

While in general I would have liked a bit more descriptive narration at times, the details surrounding the wolves and lore of the animal spirits was fantastic. Every character in this werewolf series made me smile.

There is another about zombies I think. They’re in the wilds of northern Canada and heading even farther North, searching for the rumored cure for their deadly affliction. They were epic, i mean when he talks about injuries and combat i just say “whoa”. In “Frostbite,” Wellington’s lycanthropes turn not just at the full moon, but also whenever the moon shines — and in the Arctic, that could be for days.

It’s a bloody, lonely It’s David Wellington, so you know it’s good, but When that whole fingernail fiasco came to a head I couldn’t help but laugh and say out loud to myself: Who is this guy? This particular series that I love and I thought this has to be shared with the world! I found Chey to be a distant character that I cou I found this book compelling and thoughtful. This was an interesting take on werewolfs. Readers are left to wonder why–in spite of this uncanny realization–Chey offers no resistance to sleeping in Powell’s cabin.


After a suspenseful confrontation between them, Powell confesses the tale of how he inherited the werewolf curse, and Chey comes to the reluctant realization that she needs his guidance in order to survive. As a result, while the story is worth reading, it doesn’t make one long for sequels the way the vampire novels do although Monster Island was a very disappointing novel. Well I finally had gotten around to finishing this novel! Upon waking, Chey discovers her injury alarmingly healed and escapes after overhearing a conversation about her imminent murder.

I liked this book way more than I thought I would. It felt wrong on her face, but she liked it all the same. Sep 24, Dan rated it liked it Shelves: Finally a book about a female werewolf! They hike further into the wilderness, and to his run-down truck. David Wellington’s werewolves are wonderful. Set in Canada, Frostbite tells the story of a girl-turned-hunter out to avenge her father’s death with the death of the beast that killed him.

The pacing is brisk and sometimes sparse, but it works. For Cheyenne Clark, there’s a bad moon on the rise. I love his description of the woods, the cold, the raining pine needles in the beginning with the flash flood. David Wellington maintains his style of fast-paced action in this book. The natural animalistic behaviour takes over when she is transformed, her sense of smell and hearing is much greater than her sight.


Only to find herself face to face with a Lycanthrope. I think that the vampire books dd better reads, but his world-building here is perfect.

Chey and Powell were characters that I want to journey with, and I found this ultra-realistic take on the werewolf myth a very effective addition to the canon of lycanthropy.