27 set. trofoblástica gestacional; dois relataram mola hidatiforme completa, dois às evoluções da doença trofoblástica gestacional, cinco artigos. (2)Rio de Janeiro Trophoblastic Disease Center, Associação Brasileira de Doença Trofoblástica Gestacional, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil. RESUMO Doença trofoblástica gestacional inclui um grupo interrelacionado de doenças originadas do tecido placentário, com tendências distintas de invasão.

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In the past, it was common for patients with molar pregnancy to present with marked symptoms: There is no evident vascularization Myometrial invasion can be suspected when the lesion crosses the myoendometrial border and the transitional zone becomes undefined. Metastases derived from choriocarcinoma are characteristically hypervascular, with a tendency to bleed 2.

Although quite rare, tubal molar pregnancy, as depicted in Figure 5, does occur Fast MR imaging in obstetrics. In cases of PSTT, lymph node involvement is common 4, DR, Chinchilla ME, et al. trofoblstica

The role of surgery in the management of women with gestational trophoblastic disease.

Partial hydatidiform mole presents as thickened gestwcional tissue containing various anechoic cystic lesions 31and some cases can present amniotic membranes and a functional umbilical circulation, as dosna in Figure 3 Most GTN metastases are hematogenous, except for those to the vagina, which occur by contiguous dissemination Discrepancies between commercially available Through the use of MRI, the location, vasculature, and extent of the tumor can be evaluated with greater accuracy.

The autopsy revealed metastatic choriocarcinoma of the liver. Treatment of GTN The treatment gestaacional GTN essentially consists of chemotherapy, for which the histopathological diagnosis is not a prerequisite 1, Because PSTT and ETT respond poorly to chemotherapy, they should be treated with chemotherapy and hysterectomy, sometimes including pelvic lymphadenectomy Shortened duration of human chorionic gonadotrophin surveillance following complete or partial hydatidiform mole: Another use of conventional angiography is in the management of cases of uterine arteriovenous malformations after GTN in patients who are symptomatic and wish to conceive, given that yestacional embolization of such malformations, via the uterine artery, has provided auspicious results.


Radiographic images showing pulmonary hypertension and cardiovascular changes suggest the occurrence of thromboembolic phenomena Note that, in the Doppler flow study, there was no vascular flow among the vesicles, indicating their avascular nature. FIGO staging for gestational trophoblastic neoplasia Uterine artery pulsatility index improves prediction of methotrexate resistance in women with gestational trophoblastic neoplasia with FIGO score Is normal beta-hCG regression curve helpful trofobalstica the diagnosis of persistent trophoblastic disease?

Doença Trofoblástica Gestacional by Joao A. L. Miori on Prezi

Definitive sustained remission was obtained after chemotherapy. Current advances in the management of gestational trophoblastic disease. CT of the abdomen showing three hypointense, hypovascular gesatcional with peripheral enhancement in a patient with GTN.

In order to make that distinction, it should be borne in mind that these neoplasms develop a hypervascular mass with aneurysmal dilatation in the peripheral hepatic arteries, which are best visualized in the arterial phase, whereas persistent vascular lakes are observed in the venous phase.

Gestational trophoblastic disease is an abnormality of pregnancy that encompasses a group of diseases that differ from each other in their propensity for regression, invasion, metastasis, and recurrence.


The management of gestational It is evident that the radiologist plays a fundamental role throughout the course of the treatment of patients with GTD, from diagnosis to follow-up after cure.

Doença trofoblástica gestacional complicada por hemorragia

Rev Bras Ginecol Obstet. Patients with pulmonary metastases of GTN are also submitted to evaluation of the brain tissue. Ultrasound is the firstline examination in the diagnosis of molar pregnancy.

Currently, with early diagnosis made by ultrasound, most patients are diagnosed while the disease is still in the asymptomatic phase.

Chemotherapy is started trofoblaztica before histological confirmation has been obtained, and both entities are treated with the same chemotherapy regimen 1. Gestational trophoblastic neoplasm of the uterus: Surgery and radiotherapy are necessary in some patients with high-risk GTN, especially in those with chemoresistance.

Hashem Gestcional, Hassan M. Note the presence of hypoechoic areas in the myometrium, resembling the hypervascular “Swiss cheese” aspect, suggestive of an invasive mole, on the Doppler flow study.

Gestational trophoblastic neoplasia, FIGO staging and classification. The vasculature has a chaotic appearance, with color distortion and vascular changes, due to arteriovenous communications and neovascularization of the myometrial mass Risk of partial and complete hydatidiform molar pregnancy in relation to maternal age.

One of the most common treatment regimens is the combination of etoposide, methotrexate, and actinomycin-D, alternating weekly with cyclophosphamide plus vincristine