: L’agression une histoire naturelle du mal [Jan 01, ] Konrad Lorenz: Couverture dà fraîchie. On Aggression is a book by the ethologist Konrad Lorenz; it was translated into English in As he writes in the prologue, “the subject of this book is. Buy L’agression: Une histoire naturelle du mal by Konrad Lorenz, Dominique Lestel, Vilma Fritsch (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store.

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The Evolution of Human Sexuality.

Additionally, Lorenz addresses behavior in humans, including discussion of a ” hydraulic ” model of emotional or instinctive pressures and their release, shared by Freud ‘s psychoanalytic theoryand the abnormality of intraspecies violence and killing. I am eager to read more Lorenz, and having just stumbled upon him on YouTube, learn more about what’s going on in the world of evolutionary biology today through Bret Weinstein.

For me, more than anything agrexsion has been a thought provoking read. Unfortunately, Lorenz had a big knowledge about animals, but he did not understand this matter in all its complexity.

On Aggression

Lorenz makes too many fascinating points to mention, but here are three which I feel are maybe the most important: Then he moves on to humans. To understand it, it is necessary to study, in addition, history, psychology and religion.

There was lorfnz lot of racism here, as well as classism and sexism. This book was written around 50 years ago.

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On Aggression – Wikipedia

Much criticism was directed at Lorenz’s extension of his findings on non-human animals to humans. Species’ which are easily capable of agresskon others of their own kind, like lions or wolves, have very strict inhibitory mechanism against attacking each other. Jan 23, Jafar rated it really liked it. But the human being without insight has been known to kill his friend. And, it seems clear that Fromm was right.

L’agression une histoire naturelle du mal: Konrad Lorenz: : Books

No hay libro actual que no abra sin encontrarme con cagadas varias. May 19, Kiron rated it liked it. According to Lorenz, animals, particularly males, are biologically programmed to fight over resources.

Jul 31, Sanja Zanni rated it liked it.

It has been reprinted many times and translated into at least 12 languages. Konrad Lorenz, Marjorie Kerr Wilson”.

Until we learn to accept the fact that these are human problems we will continue to rationalize the fact that we are dangerous predators and unlike a shark are fully aware of that fact, and choose to ignore it. Learn lrenz about Amazon Prime. Is there really a sinister instinct of self-destruction which is the counterpart to all other instincts preserving the life of the individual and the species, and which threatens humanity with annihilation?

The aggressiveness of animals is much more complex than Lorenz thought.

However, it has so much applicable information in the first few chapters that regardless of what is left for me to read, The author was awarded a Nobel Peace Prizethis book. Interesting but not practical.


Yet, the book is taken best at a slow pace, because there is a lot of insight in it, and unless you have primed yourself in animal observation well beforehand, it is almost too much to take in.

Trivia About On Aggression.

Pages to import images to Wikidata Articles containing German-language text. Lorenz, a famous ethologist and a somewhat controversial figure for his ideas, proposes that human beings, like most of other vertebrates, are inherently aggressive and this aggression is triggered by a variety of situations.

Each chapter could be taken in alone as a mind-blowing aggression that is still as fresh today as it must have been in albeit more controversial back then.

What remains of Lorenz’s research is an eternal awe of the animals he loved, and the echoes of how much we are part of that kingdom of life, no matter how konrac we try to moralize and abstract ourselves out of it. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Lorenz, in observing animals, digs even deeper.