En este libro encontrara todo lo relacionado de este pequeno insecto. Descubra todos los beneficios para la salud que se pueden obtener de los productos. Abridged Apiterapia Clinical Forms: Moises Asis: : Libros.

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General treatment protocols will be included along with pages that will allow you to record your treatment days and times, reactions, personal reflections, protocol changes and many other pieces of information so vital to your healing. A useful research aid for those considering bee venom therapy for the first time. It will guide you step-by-step 39 steps on how to gather information, evaluate the materials, and start bee venom therapy.

This is a very detailed description of the symptoms of bee venom on the human body and apiterapiaa be helpful to those practicing bee venom therapy.

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Reserve your copy early. Available for health professionals only. Symptoms of Honeybee Venom. AP, booklet, apitearpia, 8 pp. A where-to-find and how-to-guide for multiple sclerosis patients beginning bee venom therapy.

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Contents Broadman, Joseph M. Softcover, pages, references, bibliography and two indices, Bee Venom Collector Devices. Now, you can measure your progress and record each step of your therapy. References, index, glossary, bibliography, softcover, pages, Apitherapy Education Service – Apitronic Services, booklet, 24 pp.


Now, is available to explore bee venom therapy. An excerpt from Dr. Apitherapy Education Service – Apitronic Services, booklet, tables,10 pp. Booklet,32 pp. Bee Venom – Frequently Asked Questions.

Trabajos sobre Apiterapia

Highly recommended for those who use bee sting therapy. It is an easy-to-use guide which may some day save your life or the life of a loved one. It describes the effect of bee venom in three preparation forms: An essential tool for establishing your unique treatment protocol while overcoming your multiple sclerosis. The idea for this booklet arose out of the many contacts made with persons with multiple sclerosis who were able to otherwise discover the variety of resources available on their condition.

Apis Mellifica Bibliography – Dde Summary of Bee Venom Therapy.

Licensed health practitioners only with products order. Also included is a Consent for Participation in Bee Venom Therapy form, list of available protocols and miscellaneous therapy materials. A necessity for venom solution users.

Lista de libros de Apiterapia

Investigation of the effects of the royal jelly on experimental animals and humans. The most comprehensive description and observation apiteerapia bee venom in described by Dr. Available for health professionals only with product order.


My Bee Venom Therapy Journal. Apitherapy Education Service – Apitronic Services, leaflet, patient’s edition, leaflet,4 pp. You asked for it and now its here.

This publication is dedicated to those interested in using bee venom therapy for treating multiple sclerosis. This publication is a must for those practicing bee venom therapy.

This is a classic and the first reference book on the use of ed venom Apis mellifica in homeopathy. While we deal almost exclusively with bee venom, this booklet lists books and 70 resources for other means by which symptoms of this debilitating condition may be relieved or lessened.

This is the hardcover reprint of the original edition with Dr. Wolf’s experiences to the writings of Dr.