Liminal Cosmogony. «The farther you enter into the truth the more you see that all life flows from the intelligence of one heart.» HOMEPAGE. More. LIMINAL COSMOGONY – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. EXCERPT FROM LIMINAL COSMOGONY. “The Central Race is the progenitor of the humanoid race. In effect, they are our future selves.

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This is just starting on the Internet carefully now. These capabilities and conditions must converge in the species before it is allowed to operate interdimensionally as a collective force. My soul carrier embodied my soul in The central universe is its material home and is eternal. The soul carrier is ultimately transformed and fused with the individuated consciousness to the point it is indiscernible as a separate component of consciousness, but the individual remains devoted to the archetype of the species.

If you feel your behaviors reflect a state of oneness, equality and truthfulness, then you are in resonance with the Sovereign Integral’.

Featured also was the children who live off the dumps in a 3 rd world Asian country, and the building of a school for them. As the network evolves and more data can be embedded, the activation resources become more potent. It is this grounding of the energy, directed by the light body, infused with the internal coherence of the human instrument that enables the human emotional field to build the collective heart and connected mind that enables the planet to step through higher dimensional barriers with relative ease and grace.

The third impression of the Lyricus teachings occurs when the core frequencies of the activation materials are distilled into a technology that can entrain the heart-brain system of the soul carrier. The teachers of light have the opportunity to re-energize their association of the breath and heartbeat and feel their rhythmic energy as the connection to life and the higher, universal intelligence that flows from the Grand Central Sun.

The Grand Portal is holographic, emitting from First Source and extending to UIS, embedded within the master template, conducted into the quantum fields of the genetic mind, drawn into the energetic systems of the soul carrier, and finally coiled within the DNA molecule of the species. Video is very powerful. Institutions of science, religion, and culture are reformatted to embrace the science of multidimensional realities as their core, guiding frequency.


The dark side showed and still show nothing around except that which they want to imprint on your soul. The areas of resistance to the Grand Portal are predictable if not avoidable.

However, now is the time when the Teachers of Light are operating as a collective power, joining together to weave a new fabric of time, space and energy—one that is ultimately the portal to the fifth dimension. When this occurs, the Grand Portal can still be discovered, but the species itself is not sufficiently prepared to assimilate the findings and apply them in service to the formation of new institutions and the transformation of existing ones.

There are 7 superuniverses, ours in the youngest. The criminal elements are left behind to the forces of nature in these issues.

They are not beholden to any one system of belief, as they are collectively the system of knowledge in which cosmogonyy are rooted. Practicing with the WingMakers materials. And also what kind of God would think it ok to murder and dislocate millions of Palestinians to create the country of Israel for his chosen people the Jews? This is the ground of soul cosmovony all beings flow in the vibrant river of sound and light.

There is a large offering of music from Wingmakers that will help uplift and connect your DNA. The final 10 winners were chosen from applicants. Music, in fact any sound has an effect on your DNA. There will be more parts to this composition. The souls that inhabit higher order soul carriers are typically more experienced than those that inhabit soul carriers designed for denser vibrations, but this is a generalization and not a rule.

Lyricus Purpose and Mission

A higher ratio of light is not what is required, but rather a higher intelligence of light and love being applied to the right issues or problems that humanity faces.

According to Dosmogony Cosmogony, the transformation and redefinition of the human species will take place through an, as yet, unrevealed confluence of particle physics and quantum biology. When the breath of soul radiates outward on the planetary axis of the individual, it takes on the signature field of that individual. This stuff is as dangerous and as addicting as drug use. Cosnogony the network evolves and more data can be embedded, the activation resources become more potent.

Sadly, most are not in the theaters, and should be, and on television also. Each planet is provided a council of teachers from Lyricus who incarnate within the species and its home planet at specific times in order to establish the entrainment of knowledge in the direction of the Grand Portal. Surrounding these seven super-universes is “outer” or peripheral space, which is non-physical elementals consisting of non-baryonic matter or antimatter, which rotates around the seven superuniverses in a clockwise rotation.


We still have little unification on this planet. It is the bearer of alignment to the Plan of the One Creator.

Liminal Cosmogony

This progression operates in subtle, intricate, and meticulous processes, and despite the apparent surface chaos the deeper ordered systems prevail and entrain the surface effects of time, space and matter. That is to say, leadership has chosen to define the spiritual worlds and individual purpose therein differently. The teachers of Lyricus are more concerned csmogony the delicate human connection between the soul and the human instrument, and how this integration can be activated and its activation sustained amid third and fourth dimensional emotional turmoil, misinformation, mental static, and spurious electromagnetic fields, to name a few.

If the species is using particle energy as a weapon of intimidation amongst its own members, it is more likely to resist the approach of the Grand Portal because the discoveries of the Grand Portal introduce an indisputable range of intelligent life forms whose relationships are initially uncertain.

Unlike the social and political leaders who can operate in stealth through well-concealed stratagem, spiritual leaders generally resist the Grand Portal after it is discovered and announced, and do so openly. The species of a particular planet has a unique ascension path and evolutionary track in order to become an interdimensional force. UISs are sub-quantum and represent the primary blueprint for living systems and inorganic matter.

Yet people think they have to use them, because they are on TV. When this occurs it is because these particular records are not planetary or species specific, and therefore, have not been reduced to human or earthly terminology, as is the case with the WingMakers Materials. I am glad to hear from you and I will publish your story on this blog if you would like it.

It is composed of a very refined and pure energy vibration that is equal to Source Intelligence spirit. It allows a free liiminal of information and for many people from around the globe to interact. The structure of the universe is segmented into seven superuniverses that each revolves around a central universe.